Summer Camp General Info

THE CAMP at Nashoba Valley Ski Area

The Camp is for children ages 4-14 years old and operates from June 27 to August 17 on weekdays from 9:00am – 3:30pm.

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The Camp Philosophy

For your children, summertime is an opportunity to play and learn. ‘THE CAMP’ at Nashoba Valley will encourage campers to have fun while developing skills of communication, decision making and leadership. Our dedicated crew of counselors will guide your child through activities that encourage group participation, individual effort and interaction with outdoor surroundings.

Campers spend time learning how to work together, share and compare ideas. Counselors will promote safety, positive communication, as well as respect for others; all of this in a FUN outdoor setting.

When your child leaves ‘THE CAMP’ at Nashoba Valley, they will bring with them more memories of sunny days, fresh air and exciting experiences; along with self confidence, heightened self-esteem and a commitment to communicate and work together.

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A Day at the Camp

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The day begins with check-in/attendance in the base area. At 9 am, campers move outdoors for opening ceremonies. The flag is raised, morning announcements are made and a short fun game is played. Campers move hourly to their activities, traveling in small age-related groups; (at noon, ‘THE CAMP’ meets for lunch). The second half of the day includes a choice block, where the camper may pick an activity. While the budding actor/actress may be practicing for the upcoming play, another may choose to climb 45 feet up a pine tree (with full safety equipment), leap off the platform and fly over the pond experiencing the zipline. As the day winds down, the campers gather with their counselor and recap the exciting experiences of the day.

The Area

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‘THE CAMP’, located at Nashoba Valley Ski Area, utilizes the beautiful slope-side land, once home to the Nashoba Indians. The 300 acres of woodlands, streams, ponds and trails serve as an excellent setting to learn about and explore our natural surroundings. Our spring-fed ponds are used for water activities, which include fishing, boating and swimming. The grassy fields stretch for acres, and are ideal for the organized sports and games played daily at ‘THE CAMP’. Many of the buildings on the grounds are used for activities such as arts and crafts, drama and woodworking. The land of Nashoba Valley offers campers wonderful opportunities to experience nature as well as new and exciting adventures.

The Staff

A camp is only as strong as its counselors and staff. At ‘THE CAMP’, our main goal is to hire and train individuals who promote our philosophy, and work diligently to ensure that your child will have a safe, FUN and meaningful camp experience.

At ‘THE CAMP’, safety is a primary concern. We have taken precautions to provide your child with an exciting and safe camp experience.

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