Lesson FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Lesson Programs

What kind of clothing should I wear?

Should my child ski or snowboard?

Can I switch to skiing from snowboarding and vice versa?

How are children placed in classes?

Where do the classes meet?

Where do I meet my child at the end of class?

Can I watch the lesson?

How early should I arrive?

When should I have my rental equipment fitted?

Do I need to wear a helmet?

What’s the difference between the Young Learners Program and the Student programs?

When and where can I pick up my lesson badge?

What if I lost or forgot my ski school badge?

Will classes be held in the snow, rain, or cold weather?

What if a class is postponed by Nashoba?

What if my child is sick and can’t attend class?

What if my child gets hurt or doesn’t want to attend class anymore? Can I get a refund?