Witch’s Woods Attractions


Witch’s Woods Haunted Hayride

The woods at Nashoba Valley Ski Area have been taken over by the souls of the dead. As you board your hayride, you will notice that your driver sits in the center of the tractor, far away from the sides where guests are vulnerable to attacks. When the wagon pulls into the woods, you might see a witch or two darting in the trees. Although they are overwhelmed by the growing numbers of ghouls, the witches still watch guard over the woods and our guests. Deeper into the woods, you will hear werewolves howling at the moon, and maybe even see one near the hayride, attracted by the scent of human flesh. Zombies are never far behind, and struggle to keep up to your wagon, lured by the tasty feet dangling off the sides. Spirits of dead lumberjacks haunt the woods, ready to cut through anything, including the wooden wagonload of visitors. Unknown creatures crawl in the dark, barely visible but surely advancing on you. You won’t be alone in these woods, will you enter? * This attraction uses strobe lights for effect.


Castle Morbid

Will you enter the dark gates of castle morbid? The spirits living in the castle walls have grown in strength and can cast confusion spells on you. Only the strong will survive this medieval journey. Entering the castle, the younger sprites sense your presence and pass through the walls to get near you. Screaming to alert the others, they chase you and each other through the winding halls that fill the castle. The oldest spirits live deep within the castle’s keep, eager for fresh flesh which they will inhabit soon. This castle was once used to keep intruders out, but now the castle serves a different purpose. With the defenses turned in on the spirits of the dead, will you be able to get out alive?


Nightmare Mansion

Enter Nightmare Mansion if you dare! Some ghosts inside are older than the legend of the house itself. This large house once belonged to a single family with a loving father who wanted to give everything to his many children. In desperation, he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for a larger house and for his children to live long lives. The house grew larger, but became entangled with vines and overgrowth. The halls are twisted with secrets passages, and the floors are scattered with giant holes leading to the depths of hell. His children have lived for nearly 200 years, unable to die even as the leathery flesh drapes off of their withering bones. Years of their torturous existence in the mansion has made them upset with anyone who steps foot into the house. If nosy people aren’t scared by their painful wails or wall banging, the aging children will take more drastic measures.


The Keeper’s Crypt

Enter a whole new dimension in terror. Pass through the wrought-iron gates into a three-dimensional land of the living dead! The dead have awakened, and straining to leave their weakened corpses they have crossed into the third dimension. Rotting flesh tears and bones crack apart as the living dead scramble after young bodies. You may even feel them flying into your eye sockets as they jump towards you, eager to posess your body with their weary soul. The walls seem like they are shifting in, the zombies numbers multiply, and you’ll have to pass through a gauntlet of animated cadavers to leave these terrifiying grounds. * This attraction uses strobe lights for effect.


Jack O’Lantern Jamboree

Come see hundreds of professionally carved pumpkins, brought to life in this spectacular display. Jack O’Lanterns are stacked high with bright lights illuminating their faces. The carvings feature famous horror movie characters, and other Halloween icons. Classic faces and silluoutes of Halloween creatures fill the rows in this unique jack o’lantern display. All visitors, even those without admission tickets, are welcome to walk the rows of carved pumpkins and admire these beautiful works of art.


Horrorwood Chamber of Chills

A terrifying new walk-through highlights past and present horror movie icons with a surprising twist. Come explore the scenes with characters from your favorite Halloween and horror movies. All visitors, even those without admission tickets, are welcome to visit this attraction.


Vampire Passage

Our newest attraction, Vampire Passage is a terrifying walk through the woods- the same woods where a once all powerful Vampire was taken to burn, but escaped and is said to haunt these very woods.